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Jakarta IDC is our Pro-Development brand. Jakarta IDC is part of Sailendivers Team who is a PADI 5Star IDC Center which runs by professional scuba diving with international and many years of experience, our management gets their hands dirty where needed, staff organizes gathering and every single member of our crew is extremely knowledgeable and accessible.

We try to keep our staff highly trained and always aim to hire from within. That means our team keeps on growing, keeps on supporting each other and that each newcomer will feel welcome and challenged to become the best PADI Professional they can possibly be. This will give you the energy to take on the IDC challenge!

We believe in providing the highest standards of safety, professional care and diving instruction to our clients. Our small group, personalized approach guarantees that Sailendivers is a place where our customers do indeed, become our team.

Siodin Kho

PADI Course Director
We have a very high candidate success rate as well as a reputation for producing well trained Dive Instructors. The program is a mixture of...
Siodin Kho

Nur Aria

Admin Coordinator
Students of all ages and all nationalities will enter your classroom looking forward to learning the skills and knowledge you are about to provide...
Nur Aria

Diving is fun, Diving is exciting, Diving is adventure and Diving is my life!!!

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