Discover Scuba Diving


The PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience is the first taste of blowing bubbles for many people. Why is it so popular and what are the benefits?

A quick and easy introduction into what it takes to explore the underwater world. Although this is not a scuba certification course, you’ll learn all the steps it takes to be a PADI certified diver.


The DSD program is a fun way to get a taste of what it means to be a qualified scuba diver. Within an hour, you can go from a complete novice who has never worn a scuba unit to completing your first open-water dive.

The DSD experience isn’t time-consuming and, in some circumstances, may only require a couple of hours from your vacation. So, if family or friends are on vacation with you and aren’t interested in scuba diving, the shorter session allows you to try it and still dedicate the remainder of the day to other activities.

Taking part in a DSD experience offers participants a window into another world and, depending on the environment, their first opportunity to observe aquatic life in its natural environment.

The program is equally fun with family and friends or as a single traveler looking to meet other people. The camaraderie of diving brings people together: you never forget your first dive.

The DSD experience offers a taste of what a full open-water course involves. Indeed, at the instructor’s discretion, you may earn some credit toward your first confined-water and open-water dives of the full course.

Conversely, however unlikely it sounds, this taste of diving may help you decide that scuba diving isn’t for you. You may not enjoy it, feel uncomfortable in the water, or feel you don’t currently have the physical fitness to undertake diving in a more committed way. A DSD lets you spend less time and fewer resources in a non-committal way and get a snapshot of the sport.

Finally, if the participant doesn’t have time to complete a full open-water course but wants to do some more diving on their vacation, a successfully completed DSD can facilitate further excursion dives to 40 feet (12 m) under the close supervision of a professional.

This allows the participants to gather some more experience, enjoy the underwater world, gain confidence and, hopefully, fall in love with the sport and choose to continue.

Siodin Kho

PADI Course Director
We have a very high candidate success rate as well as a reputation for producing well trained Dive Instructors. The program is a mixture of...
Siodin Kho

Nur Aria

Admin Coordinator
Students of all ages and all nationalities will enter your classroom looking forward to learning the skills and knowledge you are about to provide...
Nur Aria

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